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My shiny toy

Last week, I bought a really cool looking mixer! I have been baking quite often nowadays and thought maybe it will a good idea to get a bench mixer. It can get quite tiring using the hand mixer especially when baking a layer cake. It is also a good excuse to buy something for myself since my birthday is coming :p

So after much research and thoughts put into it, I have decided to get a Breville BEM-800. I am so excited getting this mixer because it has the scraper attachment that I have been wanting to have. It also has a splash guard which is a bonus. Not only looks incredible, it functions very well too. The first cake I made with my shiny new toy is black forest. First of all, the noise level is so low that I was surprised by it. The scraper beater is as good as it is claimed to be too. Most importantly, my hands do not get tired anymore and I can double-tasking while the ingredients are being mixed. How good is that?!

I am so excited! I hope to make more cakes with this and maybe challenge myself with complicated patisserie.


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