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As you have guessed, my name is Suri. I am originally from SelatPanjang, Riau Island, Indonesia. It is a very small town with no cars, no airport, no shopping malls. We travel by bikes, motorcycles and tricycles! and we use ferries or boats to travel out of town. Interesting isn’t it? If you want to see some photos from my hometown, Click Here. I left my hometown to Singapore when I was 13 years old for education and due to political issues too (Indonesia was not very safe then especially for girls). I lived in Singapore for 4.5 years and then moved to Melbourne, Australia for higher education. I have been living in Melbourne since 2005! Melbourne is such a beautiful city – full of hipsters :p fun and loving people and most importantly great coffee!

In 2016 though, I had the opportunities to move to the USA and Canada for work as a research scientist. So right now (2018), I am in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Canada is also another amazing country – it’s incredibly beautiful. People are so friendly and helpful! The health care is amazing! I am impressed.

Recently, I have also ventured into entrepreneurship and started a few online businesses. Being a research scientist is rewarding at times but it is a very demanding and stressful job. I want to change my lifestyle – I want to love Mondays to Fridays instead of just looking forward to the weekends or holidays. I want to have time, financial and location freedom. Having these online businesses allow me to do so. I will be quitting my job soon so that I can focus on my online businesses. I will be moving back to Melbourne later this year and hoping to travel more as I have location freedom now. I can work anywhere as long as I have the internet 🙂 If you are looking to change your lifestyle by doing online business, reach out to me. I am passionate in helping new entrepreneurs in starting their online business.

I have quite a nomadic life since young. I have lived in 5 different countries spanning 3 different continents. I love to travel – experiencing a new place and culture is invigorating. I absolutely love photography – to be able to capture the uniqueness and beauty of a particular place, people, animals, things etc is a blessing for me. I also love how a photo can convey certain emotions as it was captured – this is something I was trying to portray in the photobook of blessings.  I also love trying different cuisines and local food. I love cooking, baking and trying different recipes (although I have not done much lately due to relocations) and sharing the food I made with friends and family. They absolutely love the free food :p

I intend to document my travels, photography and food experiences in this website and blog. I also want to share lots of travel tips, photography techniques and food recipes that I really love. I hope that this information would be useful for you and that it would inspire and encourage you to explore and capture this beautiful world.

Thank you all for visiting my website and reading my work. It is an honour to write about my passions and share them with so many people from around the world! I am truly blessed and hoping to keep sharing these experiences as I journey through them.

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  • Wow..wishing you the best for your dissertation! I enjoy your pictures and hope to see more, hopefully taking photos and good food will help you in finalizing your writing..keep us posted! cheers..

    • Thanks so much Indah for your kind words and encouragement! I appreciate it very much! PhD is really tough and challenging! Cooking and photography helps to de-stress sometimes 🙂 & blogging is just to share these passions. I did take close to 2 years break when I was very busy with research. But hopefully I am back for good now! I am hoping to write more posts too! Actually, I am having my final PhD presentation in 2.5 weeks time!!! Will definitely keep everyone posted 😀 cheers…

  • Thank you for taking the time to look at some of my work and for the follow. You are on an amazing adventure! I like what you are doing here and look forward to more. Good luck on your final presentation!

    • Thanks so much James for checking out my blog and the follow too! Thanks for the kind comments and wishes. Yes, I love adventure! I hope for the best for my final presentation!

    • Hey! I am so sorry for taking so long to reply. I’ve been very busy with my thesis writing – haven’t opened my blog till now. Thanks so much for nominating me. I’ll take a look and if I have some spare time, I’ll definitely follow up with the award! 😀 Thanks again!

  • Congratulation to your new blog face and interesting stories and posts. You did wonderful trips and great posts.

    I’m wishing you all the best with your new online businesses, a lot of success and freedom in your new work. What businesses are you doing? I’m missing links to it or a tab “my Businesses” in your blog! All the best Suri and don’t forget to let me know when you are visiting Perth. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Erwin for your kind words!!

      Thank you for the wishes too! Appreciate them. I’m an affiliate marketer – I promote products for other companies or people. I also do a bit of ecommerce too 🙂 Thank you very much!!

      For sure, I’ll let you know if I pop by Perth. I’ll be moving back to Australia towards end of the year or early next year!

      How are you? How was your trip to India? Was it India or elsewhere?

      • Hi Suri, I’m good as always an looking forward to our next trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. A Mekong River cruise in November. I hope I don’t get to bored on the boat.

        India was great. We loved the country and people but next time I would do it by my own and not with a tour. Probably we would see less but it’s a much bigger adventure and self driving is certainly more exciting then sitting in a coach. But we were very lucky with our tour guide. He had great knowledge and was very helpful to keep everybody happy.

        I wish you good luck with your businesses and hope you can make a good living out of it so you can continue traveling to exciting places and share it on your blog. Take care!

      • Nice hearing from you again Erwin! Thanks so much for your well wishes!

        Wow! Sounds like you’ve lots of travels planned out for the rest of the year! Sounds very exciting! Great to hear that you enjoyed India. There’s always plus & minuses when joining a tour isn’t it?!

        Take care too! I hope you’re enjoying your time in Perth and also the upcoming trips! 😀

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