Around The Bay 2019 – Melbourne to Frankston and return

Australia is reopening from Covid lockdowns and some events are returning. I have signed up for the Great Ocean and Otway Classic Ride 2021, which will be on Saturday 24th April. This brought back the memories of my very first cycling event, which I realised I have not shared it in this blog.

Yay! I made it! Completed my very first cycling event!

Yayy! I did my first cycling event! Around The Bay Melbourne to Frankston and return, ~100km in ~5 hours. The wind was a killer today! It probably reached ~30-40kph at times. The last 15 mins back to Albert Park was tough with really strong headwind! Felt like climbing some hills!

I think it wasn’t a bad effort considering I wasn’t feeling my best. I think I might have an infection and/or inflammation on my left ear. It was also my first road bike, which I only bought it for 1.5 weeks! Sometimes I do wonder how much risks (body not 100% + new and very first bike) are too much to take at once.

Very thankful to the two ride leaders, Annie and Wendy from the St. Kilda Cycling Club. Their support and guidance throughout the ride has helped so tremendously.

Having experienced women riders to lead a group of women in each of the riding options are an incredible initiative by the Bicycle Network! It definitely encourages people like me (solo female rider and a total newbie) to sign up for the event. It’d be extremely overwhelming to ride the whole 100km on my own among thousands of people. I would not have joined the event if it were not for these supports specifically catered for women.

I expected the group to be huge, at least hundreds of people since there are thousands joining this event…but extremely glad that there were only 6 riders in the group! Nice and cozy! 😁

Looking back to this day 1.5 years ago, it’s humbling to notice that my riding ability and fitness have definitely improved, not sure by how much but a significant amount. I hope to continue cycling and keep improving! 🙏🏼

Thank you my cycling buddy for giving me a smooth ride today!
Melbourne skyline from a different height

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