Final Words For 2020

2020 felt like a year that we just skipped over but ironically it will also be an unforgettable year for many of us. Dr Simon Longstaff’s description of this year is spot on – “2020 will long live in the memory of the world. However, as time passes, I fear we will lose some of the fine ‘texture’ of what we have all experienced. So, now is the time to capture what we can of the experience.”

2020 has defied all norms and so it’s expected that New Year’s Eve celebration would be different this year. As challenging and frustrating 2020 was, it did force me to slow down and introspected what is important and need in life.

I certainly hope that in 2021 we would start to have more vaccinations underway in more countries to hopefully have some control over Covid. I also hope that governments especially Australian Federal Government would be more serious and willing to tackle climate change. Climate change would be our next pandemic-like crisis in which there would be no cure except changing human behaviours and bold actions. 

Let’s ring in the new year of 2021 with more hope than we probably have had throughout 2020.

Let’s ring in 2021 with more kindness, compassion, generosity and acceptance.

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