Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride 2021

Yayyyy! We did it!!! I did my first ever GOOC Ride! This was my second cycling event. Very grateful for the whole experience including the headwind and rain! 😅 We were all soaked wet and cold but extremely thankful and glad that we completed the ride safely.

As always, very thankful for MICC and its members especially Rocky for registering, organising and being our captain for this event! Barnabas for always letting me tag along in the car and being the dedicated driver. Ricky, Alex, Rocky and Barnabas for the awesome photos throughout the ride! And everyone for looking after me the whole ride! This was my first cycling event done with MICC – it’s much more enjoyable doing such ride in a group! Thanks for letting me be part of it.

First 70km – Cloudy + strong headwind

70 to 95km – My most favourite part – Closed roads, cyclists spread apart, have the roads mostly to myself and much easier to descend!

95 to end (Lorne to Torquay) – The hardest part in my experience – Rain + traffic + cyclists more concentrated. It was a very frightening experience to ride in that rain with heavy traffic!

This ride reminded me of Great Vic Bike Ride 2019. It was similar route and also rode from Lorne to Torquay. It was raining as well during the GVBR but for the first 20km ish instead of the last 30km.

The most satisfying meal was one after a long ride! We dined at the Pondok Nasi Bakar in Geelong (about 30mins ride from Torquay), serving Indonesian cuisine. I had nasi bakar (rice wrapped in banana leaves and grilled) with grilled chicken. It was so DELICIOUS! 🤤

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