Jasper to Banff in The Canadian Rockies Cycle Tour | Canada

This was the very first cycling tour I did one year ago (10-13 August 2018) and the one that sets off the chain reaction for many more cycling tours now and in the future.

I finally had the opportunity to look through the videos captured using GoPro…One year late but better than never right?

These are the selected clips of the epic journey of 4 days 3 nights cycling tour from Jasper to Banff in the Canadian Rockies, totalling 315 km!!! From Jasper to Banff, it was 300 km but we also did the extra 15 km loop from Banff to Lake Minnewanka.

Please pardon me for the positioning of these videos. It was my first time using the GoPro. I attached it to my bike helmet. As I moved my head, the videos would move as well. Lesson learnt – it is better putting the GoPro on the bike’s handlebar. The playbacks are much smoother with less awkward angles.  It is also much easier to control the GoPro on the handlebar rather than on the helmet. Furthermore, it would be heavy on the head after cycling for a few hours.

This is how it looked like riding in the rain. It started raining heavily soon after we began our day 3. All of us were drenched. Shoes were wet, socks too, fingers frozen. Undoubtedly, it was very cold and uncomfortable riding in wet attire but no one complained about the rain. None retreated to the support van. We just kept going!

We did it! Jasper to Banff in 4 days! YAYYYY! I cheated a little bit though…I did it with an ebike.

It was definitely the most challenging activity I have partake in in terms of sport at that time. I was very contemplative whether I would survive cycling for 4 days as I do not cycle, period! I was very glad that our guide, Ben, convinced me that I could do it!

Not gonna lie, it was definitely very tough. So thankful for the invention of an electric bike (E-Bike). I would not be able to do this without an ebike! By the third day, my left knee was hurting and I felt I could not go on anymore. But once I am on the road seeing the views, it motivated me to keep going. There were 9 other participants too, all of them were enthusiastic cyclists. Their energy, positivity and determination encouraged me to keep going too!

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. We were smoked on (from the wildfires in BC), rained on, even experienced thunder strikes while on the road! It was raining very heavily on day 2 and 3 that all of us were completely drenched! What an experience!

I have never felt so free before…Riding on the road means that I have to focus on the road and only what is in front and just be in the moment…I did not think of anything else. It was one of the best feeling I have ever had! I will keep riding! 🙂

I highly recommend this cycle tour to anyone who would like to explore Jasper and Banff in the most unique ways and be one with the national parks! This is not your average sightseeing tours that thousands of tourists have done – this I would say is the best way to experience the magnificent and incredible beauty of the Canadian Rockies! This tour is not just for experienced/enthusiastic cyclists. Anyone can do this tour, like me, as long as you set your mind to do it! And with an ebike, you can do it too! The tour guide, Ben, is an extremely nice, easy going and patient guy – He will always be there with a smile and ready to help at every checkpoints. If I do visit Canada again in the future, I would definitely go for this tour but with a normal bike :p To find out more about this awesome cycle tour, please visit www.mountainmadnesstours.com.

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Music for the videos were licensed from Soundstripe.

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