My childhood

I miss food back home. I miss simple but tasty home-cooked food by my mum.

I grew up in a very small island in Indonesia called Selatpanjang, Riau. I lived there for 13 years and had to leave for Singapore for study. I had a very good childhood there. I felt blessed having home-cooked meals every day by my mum.

I was actually quite surprised being able to find some information on the small little town that I came from in google. Not many people knew about the little town, not even some Indonesians that came from big cities like Jakarta. So I was surprised but happy. It even has youtube videos of it.

Selatpanjang is surrounded by seas, therefore, we have lots of seafood at very cheap price. I grew up eating seafood. There is always fish every meal. So needless to say I love seafood.

Also, I felt blessed to have such a loving mum. She would wake up very early in the morning to grab the freshest fish or prawns whenever I am home. She knows I love them. She would buy this huge white fish (maybe a swordfish or tilapia) that is still alive and jumping around and the fishmongers had to come to the house to cut the fish up.

I also love small prawns/shrimps back home. They are only found in my hometown. They are incredibly small and hard to deshell but they taste so amazing. They are so sweet and goes well with anything. I love the classic and simple combination with garlic and soy sauce.

Fortunately, I am going back for holiday at the end of this year. I will get to taste those amazing food again. And this time I will definitely take lots of photos to show you how my hometown is like. For the mean time, I have to hold my cravings or make the best out of the ingredients I can find here.

So I made a prawn omelette today. Very easy to make this. It is just a normal omelette with additional prawns in it. Lightly cook the prawns first before pouring the eggs in. For recipe, here.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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