A People Deeply Rooted In Its Culture

Peru South America Rainbow Mountain apuwinicunca Peruvian Peruvian Cultures Traditions Peruvian Traditional Clothings Nikon D800

One of the things I was really blessed to experience in Peru is their culture, so rich and generous. Almost every Peruvian I met was so proud and excited to share their cultures with visitors from all over the world such as this local family in Huito, located on the way to the Rainbow Mountain. We were welcomed by their traditional dance and also participated, which apparently was done during the courtship and the females get to whip the males. Tasted the potatoes cooked using the traditional method called watia, and other local food followed by mesmerizing weaving demonstration. I could feel their passion and immense love for their culture! As technology advances, it is becoming more important to preserve all cultures so that younger generations could experience, learn and appreciate them too.

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