Statues With Bold Stories

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These two beautiful bronze statues in Place D’Armas Old Montréal have interesting and kind of funny stories behind them. They were made by Québec artist, Marc André Jacques Fortier. These statues represent the silly struggle between the French and English in Québec. One statue shows an English man, well-dressed with a pointy nose (indicating proud and arrogance), facing and looking at the Basilica (made by the French) while carrying a small English dog. The other, a street corner away, shows a French woman, well-dressed with a pointy nose as well, facing and looking at the Bank (built by the English) while carrying a French poodle. The man and woman were looking away from one another and each were kind of despising one another’s monument. Their dogs on the other hand, not caring that they are any different, are looking at each other longingly, just wanting to play together.

I thought this is very bold and reflect the racial disharmony in our society.

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