A very fulfilling week!

What a week!

Two weeks ago, I had one of the craziest week in terms of workload and stress. But it is also one of the most fulfilling week. The week started with 2.5 days of intensive training at work. This meant that I have so much lesser time for my experiments which gave me lots of stress. 

I also have drive test on that same week! I felt so anxious, worried and scared about the test. I was worried I could not pass. I was worried because I do not want to spend so much money and time in it. Leaning to drive is both expensive and time-consuming. In that same week, I also have a patisserie class on the weekend – making French Eclairs.

I was overwhelmed by these things I have to go through in a week. I could not sleep and felt exhausted. I was sharing these anxiety with another friend but all I could do was pray. I prayed for peace, calm, clear mind, for God’s will to be done. I felt a sense of peace after each prayer because I think I let go of my anxiety and put my trust in God that whatever happens, it is according to His will.

Then as the week went by, I slowly accomplished each tasks. By Wednesday, the 2.5 days training were completed. On Thursday, I was really anxious, after all, it was a test. And driving makes me nervous because of the adrenaline. Driving and test were a nasty combination. My hands were shaking and I no longer have any expressions on my face. But I PASSED! I could have failed but I passed because I think I showed that when I had made a mistake, I tried fixing it. I am happy and proud with myself for passing the test the first try! After all, I came from a place where there is no cars. I was not exposed to driving at all until this year. So I am really happy! I hope to get a car soon.

Then the fun starts on Saturday when I was having my first patisserie class. I took this in William Angliss Institute, they are a TAFE school focusing on hospitality. They also offers a range of short courses in cooking and baking for enthusiasts like me, one such is the modern French eclairs. I had so much fun that day learning to make the eclairs. The class inspired me to learn more about patisserie and I am thinking of signing up for more.

I did sign up for two classes, one was the French eclairs. The other patisserie class is Classic French and Modern Gateaux and Tarts. I am so looking forward to the next class! Stay tuned for that!

Below are some of the end products from the patisserie class. They are so yummy!

Eclairs with chocolate filling

Eclairs with Lemon Custard filling

Eclairs with vanilla-custard filling

Savoury eclairs with omelette, smoked salmon and mayo-chilli sauce (my own creations) 🙂


I want to share with you the recipe and methods for the above in another posts, hopefully soon 🙂

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