Love is like music. It has a rhythm, beats and melody. Some love like music, make me happy, some make my heart skipped a beat, some make me feel breathless, touched and emotional.

Love is like the air, the oxygen, we need it to survive. I cannot imagine living in this world without love.

We are all made to love, to experience them and to give them.

There are many types of love, there are friendship love, sisterly & brotherly love, love between couples, love from parents.

Some loves are earned but most I did nothing to deserve.

On the weekend, I had dinner at a friend’s place (they are a married couple). I do not know them at all but now I do. They made a lovely meal for me, a complete stranger to them. This kind of love I did nothing to receive. It has a rhythm of happiness and made my heart skipped a beat. What made people like them to show love and care to a complete stranger like me?

Since a baby, I was showered with love by my parents. The kind of love I did nothing to earn. My parents love me so much that they are willing to sacrifice anything for me. This is a sacrificial love, that make someone a hero.

Then there is the greatest love of all, one that involves substitutionary sacrifice. The greatest hero of all heroes. The One that is God sent to save us, a nobody, so that we can live eternally in heaven. Jesus is willing to die for me so that I can be saved. This substitutionary sacrifice I did nothing to earn. It is so graceful and powerful. It made me feel breathless and touched.

Love is great and humans are made to love one another…

John 3:16

‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

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