More than a holiday

Visiting my friend in Sydney in 2007 was more than just a trip. I was introduced to something much bigger, to Christianity and God. To the purpose of life. To making a relationship with God right before anything else.

I was very cynical that time and I think I still am. I believe that there is God but I do not think that God is able to make a difference in our lives. But I think I was wrong.

Seeing the relationships that my friend has with her church family is heart-warming. It is a relationship that I have been longing for. It is like experiencing a little fore-taste of heaven as described in the bible. The love and care that they had is only possible through God and Jesus Christ. God’s love, so strong that He is willing to send His only son, Jesus, to die for us so that we can be saved from our sins. This strong love hold people together.

I was thankful for the trip and amazing experience I had. I was grateful for God’s amazing love that allow all these to happen. I tasted hope and the possibility of sacrificial relationships.

I did not become a christian at that time because of my stubbornness. But I think God has been pursuing me and working in my life. My journey is slow but hopefully I will get there one day.

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