This is it!

I took some time off since July last year from blogging to focus on my Thesis writing.

It is with the utmost pleasure to let you know that I have completed it! My PhD Thesis examiners gave really great and positive results. They love reading the Thesis and thinks that the research is excellent. I passed!!!

This is it! Four years of blood, sweat and tears! I could not believe that I have gotten here. All the hard work, stress and sleepless nights had been paid off!

My PhD Thesis. Five copies made in total. Two for the University. Two for two of my supervisors. One copy for myself.
My PhD Thesis. Five copies made in total. Two for the University. Two for two of my supervisors. One copy for myself.

The final form of my Thesis had been prepared and submitted last Wednesday. I was filled with mixed emotions when I submitted it. I was happy, glad and relieved! There is also a sense of pride that I have achieved something big. However, I was also sad at the same time. It was a rather weird, unexplainable feeling. I have been in this PhD for almost 4 years and it feels like a part of me now. I feel like I have lost something now that it is completed.

But it is definitely a joyful moment. I am so thankful and blessed. Thanks be to God for His providence and sustenance throughout the years. All the glory to God alone πŸ™‚

It is time to relax and celebrate such a great achievement!

I hope to write more posts now as the Thesis is done. Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you have enjoyed the post! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “This is it!

  • You must feel very relief that you’ve finished something… and this is it, you new chapter in life begin….
    Congrats anyway…. <3

    • Thanks Nin for your kind comment and wishes! Yes, HUGE relief! After all, it has formed a big part of my life and took me 4 years of my time! As the saying goes, one chapter closes, another begins. I am ready for the next chapter of my life! Thank you!

  • Sury… CONGRATS! I’m very happy to know that you have finished the PhD! It’s a great new!

  • Congratulation Suri!!! This is wonderful. I’m so happy for you. You made it. I was thinking few days ago how you are going and checked the blog. This is a very little delay. You must have worked so hard on the thesis and your book looks wonderful. I’m so proud of you Dr. Tan. πŸ™‚

    What is your next goal? Are you staying in Melbourne?

    • Thanks so much Erwin for your very kind wishes! Yes, this took me more than half a year to get to the final stage! PhD is really tough and challenging even until the end! It never failed to test my patience, determination and perseverance. I am proud and happy of what I have achieved too! It’s something money can’t buy!

      I hope to stay in Melbourne but I don’t have a PR yet. So I am trying to apply for one now…It’s very difficult to get a PR now so will see how that goes. At the moment, I am enjoying this and relax for a bit before my next chapter starts πŸ˜€

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