Slow Down And Enjoy Coffee With This View

As a solo traveler, it is often tricky whether to travel alone or join a group tour. Group tours are great for companionship and since everything has been planned, there is no need to worry about accommodations or activities to do. However, group tours are very fast pace and the idea of being stuck in a group for an extended period can be nerve racking.

I think I may have found a great balance for myself after traveling solo and also in a group for almost one month now. It is very important for me to slow down and spend more time in one area rather than just speed through it. I want to be able to relax and absorb the culture. I want to be able to sit in a cafe and just enjoy views like the locals do. Day tours are great to get to sights that are not as easily accessible and occasionally having a few days to slow down and learn more about the locals’ cultures are the way to go for me.

Cusco | Peru

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