Garibaldi Lake, Vancouver
Photography As A Way For Conveying Emotions And Memories

Fully enjoying the outdoor experience is as important as creating the image. A photograph can never replace actual experience. Yet, while the memory may fail, the photograph will be a continual reminder of a cherished moment in time. I am always seeking that often-fleeting “sweet light” that washes over our glorious landscapes so eloquently; the quiet, contemplative, intimate views along a road less travelled; the unexpected appearance of an elusive and secretive creature; the fascinating patterns and minute details of Nature. – By Mike Grandmaison in the ‘Natural Reflections’ Photography Book.

Seeing this photo, I was instantly brought back and filled with emotions and memories to that moment I took this photo. I was so exhausted after the 9km hike to Garibaldi Lake and was running down as fast as my tired body allowed me to so that I could get to the car and rest. Then I saw this incredibly beautiful scene – the sun was setting down and it hit the forest bed, giving this wonderful golden glow on the whole forest. The forest bed was wonderfully lit – it looked so magically. I was overly excited when I witnessed this scene, took out my camera and just kept shooting till the sun moved away from the forest bed. In that moment, I forgot how tired and achy my body was…I was just enjoying the incredible display of nature and captured a few photos to preserve this beautiful memories.

Garibaldi Lake | Vancouver | Canada

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