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The Mighty Chinchero Ladies

Chinchero, a town well known for its weavers. Groups of women would gather and work together, weaving beautiful products such as shawl, hats, gloves, blankets, and many others and sell them in the local markets or to overseas visitors. This is their main source of income to support their family. This group of weavers welcome us with a song in Quechua, another song halfway through the demonstration and a good bye song in Quechua too. I have no idea what they were singing but somehow the songs moved me. I got so emotional and choked with tears listening to them. The goodbye song got me rather teary too. Apart from being moved, the lady who demonstrated the whole weaving process was very entertaining! We laughed, we cried during this 2-3 hours visit. It is so heart warming to see how dedicated and hard working they are. I am deeply inspired.

Chinchero | Peru

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