Living means changing

“Living means changing, and change requires that we lose one thing before we gain something else. Thus we lose our youth but gain adulthood. We lose the security of home but gain the independence of being on our own. We lose the freedom of singleness but gain the intimacy of marriage. We lose a daughter but gain a son-in-law.

Life is a constant succession of losses and gains. There is continuity and even security in this process. We remember the losses that lie behind us, and we look forward to the gains that lie ahead. We live suspended between the familiar past and the expected future. The scenery we enjoy today gradually fades into the background, finally receding from sight. But what looms ahead comes nearer and gets clearer, until it becomes the scenery of the present moment that fills our vision.”

– Jerry Sittser | A Grace Disguised | 2005

Photo of Grand Canyon South Rim | USA | 2017

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