A city girl

This was my third inter-country move in the span of only one year. I love traveling and it’s always so much fun experiencing a new place. However, moving and trying to settle down is totally different. It really tests the endurance, courage and strength.

I’ve arrived in Edmonton, Canada for almost 1.5 months now. I’m settled in quite comfortably both in my apartment and work and these are only possible through God’s strength, providence and grace.

I celebrated my birthday in another country again this year. It’s a blessing but also very lonely. I miss my friends in Melbourne so much!

I thank God for the last 29 years of my life. I never imagine I’d get a PhD, let alone living in 5 different countries spanning 3 different continents! It’s very challenging moving around. Some days are tougher than others. It can get very stressful handling relocation and work at the same time. I often wonder if this is all worth it…I do trust that God has a plan for me here, whatever it’s, after all, it has taken a long roundabout just to get here. I pray that I won’t lose faith and be strengthened instead. I pray that He’ll equip me with whatever I need to build His kingdom here.

Jerry Sittser’s words always linger around my head whenever I start to worry or doubt. One of them:

“We never do know how things will work out, but we know that God will work them out. He will work them out for our redemption. We will fall in love, change jobs, bury loved ones, say good-by to children, move to faraway cities, raise cats, lost a fortune on the stock market, go to war, and end up living in Singapore. Sometimes we will choose to put God first; sometimes we will choose not to. Still, somehow God will work things out for our good, both because that is his nature and because that is his will for our lives.”

– Jerry Sittser | The Will of God as a Way of Life | 2004

Photo of Edmonton City | Alberta | Canada | 2017

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