Life of a nomad

“Home is more powerful than we often realize. Its hold on our heart goes beyond the house we lived in with our parents, siblings, and pets. Home includes one’s neighbourhood and town, the nearest city, and outward from there to the state and the region of the country. Home is a culture. It includes climate and the activities that accompany that climate. It includes temperaments, habits, behaviours, and tastes in clothing, food, and home decor.

In ways big and small, home shapes us, and therein lies its power. Without our even realizing it, we are define by home, but often we discover that reality only when we’ve gone to live somewhere else. And the discovery can be devastating. Until we experience it, we are surprised to find that a relocation is often placed third on lists of most painful experiences, just after the death of a child and a divorce. Until we’ve gone through a relocation, we imagine the hardest part of it is learning our way around a new place – nothing a GPS can’t solve. But that’s the easy part. The hard part is the identity crisis that begins to overtake us about six weeks in. It’s not that everything is new and different. It’s that the identity that home provided us no longer fits.

We don’t know who we are anymore.”

This resonates with me so well. I have moved inter-countries three times just for the last year. It is hard to explain how painful it can be – the identity crisis definitely hits me hard. Some days can be so tough that I just want to scream and cry at the same time. Some days can be so joyful especially when I meet new people that eventually become friends.

I am currently in Edmonton, Canada. I thank God for placing me here, for enabling me to experience this beautiful city and its people and culture. I quite like this city surprisingly despite the harsh winter this early on in the year! – I think God put that fondness in me. I believe there is a purpose in every situations we are in, be it good or bad. I believe this is where God wants me to be at this point in my life even though I might not know or see what His purposes are. I pray that I will glory His name in all that I do here.

– Lydia Brownback | Finding God in My Loneliness | 2017

Photo of myself at Marriners Lookout | Great Ocean Road | VIC | Australia | 2015

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