Darwin to Broome | Australia

To say it’s a challenge is an understatement. It’s definitely the hardest tour I’ve ever attempted thus far. There’s never a good time to catch Covid and to catch it only 2 weeks before tour commenced and tested negative only 3 days before my flight is the worst timing ever. Instead of letting my body recover and gradually get back to how I was, I plunged myself into a physically and mentally draining 3 weeks of cycling from Darwin to Broome. Adding to that the heat and humidity put my body in further shocks. I wasn’t coping well at all. I got really sick on day 2 and 3 and experienced muscles aches like never before. The whole of my hands were achy to the bones, no amount of panadol seemed to lessen the pain. I couldn’t sleep, I was in agony for few days. Worrying that my conditions wouldn’t improve and that it would increasingly become worse, I contemplated quitting at the end of stage 1. Temptation was high to just stop at Katherine. 

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