Mojito Genoise

Masterchef Australia is back for another season, season 4. I am quite disciplined with Masterchef shows actually. I’ve watched most of the episodes except for those nights which I’ve to stay late at work or dinner events. I’ve always loved Masterclass where they usually teach/show the contestants how to cook certain foods, the techniques involved and etc. It makes me happy when I can learn a few more tricks to my cooking. Read more

A day in the park

A lovely day at the Albert park, Melbourne, having BBQ for a friend’s farewell. Thank God for such a lovely day accompanying with good food! Amidst the sunny and fun day, emotions and sadness filled the air too, knowing that I will not get to see her much anymore. She was one of the first few friends that I made when I came to Melbourne so she is pretty special. Though we are not besties, it is still incredibly emotional to say good bye. I wish her best of luck and hope to see her soon in the future. Read more