Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year from Edmonton, Canada!

We had a small fireworks display at the Alberta Legislature grounds. It was weird to experience New Year’s Eve Fireworks at 9pm. I guess it was so cold here (-35C last night) that if the fireworks were at midnight, everyone would probably be snoozing already :p I had to wear winter coat, snow boots and gloves to take these shots even though I was just at my balcony! My face was frozen and I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes at the end of the show – crazy cold! But so happy to get these shots!  Read more

Christmas in New York

It has started to snow in Edmonton, Canada. I always think of Christmas when I see snow. I was blessed to spend Christmas in New York last year. It was magical! I was so impressed with the countless decorations and shows throughout Manhattan and the whole of New York!

If you have the opportunity, you should definitely visit NY during Christmas! Below are some of the highlights for me during Christmas in NY:   Read more