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little Food ambassador

Lately, I feel that I am like a little food ambassador. Like I am associated with food.

People tend to come to me now if it’s anything food-related. Cooking for close friends at home or their home, cooking for a group of people, cooking for church, making cakes for any occasions really, birthday cakes, just having fun cakes, thank you cakes, experimental cakes. Buying cakes too for special occasions like birthdays. Also food reviews! Friends loved to get advice from me of where to eat certain meals of the day or cuisine. Hmmm…

I feel content actually, not burdened. I feel happy that I am useful or needed in that sense. I won’t deny though that sometimes it’s really tiring especially when I am so busy with my PhD. But it is joyous. It is a great gift from God to be able to serve friends/family in this way.

Hope that there’ll be more to come πŸ™‚