Last week was a crazy week for me. Everything that can go wrong, did. I was not just physically tired last week but I was mentally drained. I was not exactly that busy last week, I did not even run any experiments. I was supposed to just write my report, it should be an easy week for me. But unseen and uncontrollable problems at work caused a havoc in my group. Everyone was emotionally hurt, upset, angry and disappointed. For the first time, I actually felt that I was engulfed in anger and rage. Read more

The First

My first entry for this blog, maybe I should briefly introduce myself. I am just like everyone else, a normal being who rushes through life each day. Sometimes we are so caught up with our affairs that we forgot how fortunate we are living in this world that God has created. Through this blog, I hope to be able to share magnificent and wonderful things or experience I came across. Oh did I mention that I am doing PhD? Yes, I am a full-time student doing research. Well, I do not feel like I am a student anymore. PhD is exactly the same as working or maybe even worse. But wish me luck!