Notre Dame Basilica, Montréal

North America Canada Québec Montréal Church Historical Urban Architect Nikon D800

The history of the Notre-Dame is intertwined with Montréal’s own, which was founded in 1642 by Maisonneuve. Up until 1659, the faithful gathered in a modest wooden chapel. It was operated by the Jesuits until the Sulpicians’ arrival in Ville-Marie (Montréal) in 1657, when they took over the parish. The basilica’s architect was James O’Donnell, an Irish protestant living in New York. The construction of the towers began in 1841 and was completed in 1843. The western tower, named Perseverance, houses the great bell, which weighs 10,900 kg. The eastern tower, named Temperance, houses a carillon with ten bells.

It was very challenging to take photos during the day time because of the strong daylight. It was way overexposed! Thankfully, I could recover some of the blown details through Lightroom. The night photo was taken using high ISO instead of long exposure.

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