Interior Of Notre Dame Basilica, Montréal

North America Canada Québec Montréal Church Historical Urban Architect Nikon D800

The sanctuary and the altar. Curé Rousselot and Bourgeau commissioned a Frenchman, Henri Bouriché, for the altarpiece sculptures. Mr. Rousselot imagined an altar with a centre-piece illustrating the Eucharist, which originated in Christ’s sacrifice. This sacrifice is first mentioned in the Old Testament and is illustrated in the four sculptures surrounding the Crucifixion.

In the bottom left hand corner, Melchisedech is seen offering bread and wine; above, Moses places an urn full of manna in the Ark of the Covenant. In the bottom right hand corner, Abraham prepares to sacrifice his son Isaac while above him, Aaron sacrifices a lamb. At the very top of the altarpiece, Mary is seen being crowned by her Son. The six polychrome statues represent Saint Peter and Saint Paul as well as the four evangelists, Matthew, Luke, Mark and John.

It is incredibly beautiful. I love all the colors and sculptures!

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