5 Things to do in Perth | Australia

Perth, capital of Western Australia, sits where the Swan River meets the southwest coast. Sandy beaches line its suburbs, and the huge, riverside Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mount Eliza offer sweeping views of the city. The Perth Cultural Centre houses the state ballet and opera companies, and occupies its own central precinct, including a theatre, library and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

1. Explore Rottnest Island

“Rottnest Island sits just offshore from the city of Perth. A protected nature reserve, it’s home to the quokka, a small wallaby-like marsupial. White-sand beaches and secluded coves include the Basin, with its shallow waters, and Thomson Bay, the main hub and ferry port. Strickland Bay is known for its surf breaks, while reef breaks occur at Radar Reef, off the island’s far western tip.”


Rottnest Island is so beautiful. I toured the whole island with a rental bike. Had lots of fun exploring the island even with a clunky, old and rusty bike! Very thankful that it didn’t fail on me…I’d be in big trouble if the bike breaks down when I was at the other end of the island.

The quokkas are so cute. Found a group of 5 in an eating frenzies so I just quietly gather around them to take photos. I was really hoping one would stand up for me and it did! Yayyy 🥰😍

I rode all the way to the other side of the island and there wasn’t anyone on the road maybe because of the wind. It was an eerie feeling to be by myself at the wide open space and especially so with the sound of the wind howling. I creeped myself up and quickly rode back to the settlement areas.

It’s heartening to see that there’s still pristine places like Rottnest Island in this world. The white sandy beaches, crystal clear and clean water…It’s absolutely stunning! It breaks my heart when I see nature being exploited and not being taken care of. I was glad and pleased to see Rottnest Island at tip top condition.

Perth Skyline from the Ferry

2. Visit Art Gallery and Museums

I spent my last day in Perth exploring the gallery and museums. There was a very nice exhibition called “Pulse Perspectives” by high school students at the WA Art Gallery during my visit.

“Pulse Perspectives” at the WA Art Gallery
“Pulse Perspectives” at the WA Art Gallery

3. Stroll Along the CBD

4. Stroll Along Elizabeth Quay

5. Do a multi-days cycling tour from Albany to Perth!

I did a cycling tour from Albany to Perth and have written a detailed post on the wonderful adventures and experiences of the multi-days cycling adventure here.

840km +5500m elevation gain 10 riding days from Albany to Perth!

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