Following on the adventurous in NSW, Australia, we headed to Newcastle. To read on the previous post about Port Stephens, Click Here.

Newcastle is situated in the heart of the Hunter Region. It has a rich history, quirky arts culture and a thriving dining and shopping scene. It is quite a unique city. For more information on Newcastle, Click Here.

We went to many sights in Newcastle and with more friends joining us. It started with only 5 of us in Port Stephens, but 12 others joined us in Newcastle. It was really fun – lots of company and all of us had a great day!

1) Fort Scratchley

We started the day at Fort Scratchley, a historical site and a military museum, situated at the Hunter River Estuary. It is undoubtedly Newcastle’s most spectacular vantage point and worth a visit just for the view itself! Overlooking Nobbys Beach and lighthouse, the Fortress boasts panoramic ocean, coastline, harbour and city views. We took the guided tour to explore the museum. I did not take any photos during the tour itself but enjoy these views from the top of Fort Scratchley! For more information on Fort Scratchley, Click Here.

2) Roaming around the city; Christ Church Cathedral and Civic Park

We took a lunch break at Queens Wharf, having burgers at ‘Craft & Co. Burgers’. Then we were pumped to explore the city of Newcastle. We walked a fair bit and passed by a shopping street.

Our first stop was Christ Church Cathedral. It is quite a big church by Australian standards. It is 72.5 metres long, 26.5 metres wide, 36.5 metres high and contains 160 windows, 72 of which are filled with stained glass. The tower also stands 77.5 metres above sea level and 38.5 metres above the ground. From this elevation, the Church dominates the City which it serves and is clearly seen by day and when floodlit by night, from much of the City. For more information on the cathedral, Click Here. We stayed for a while, looking around the cathedral and the church itself and also to rest for a bit after the walking.

Then we continue exploring the city and headed to the Civic Park on King Street. It is a popular location for social and cultural events. For more information on Civic Park, Click Here. To me, it is a very nice and clean park for a stroll in the afternoon. I felt very relaxed after 🙂

3) Stockton beach and Shipwreck walk

It was almost sunset and we thought we should visit the Shipwreck walk, next to Stockton beach before heading back to Sydney. When we got there, it was another perfect timing for ‘chasing the sunset’. The location was great! It was another beautiful and magnificent sunset, second one after Port Stephens. I loved it!

Sunset at Shipwreck walk. Edited using Adobe Lightroom 5
Sunset at Shipwreck walk. Edited using Adobe Lightroom 5
Sunset at Shipwreck walk. Edited in-camera Menu functions, red filter
Sunset at Shipwreck walk. Edited in-camera Menu functions, red filter

We ended the day with everyone in awe and amazed with this world that God has created. We are thankful for everything, for the sunrise and sunsets, for that day becomes night and night becomes day. I think I can say for everyone that we had a great time! though we were tired (I think 90% of us were asleep on the cars on the way back to Sydney) but we enjoyed it and thankful for the companionship. Thanks for the drivers too! I felt bad that the drivers had to stay very much awake while many of us were soundly asleep. Thank you all so much!

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