Christmas in New York

It has started to snow in Edmonton, Canada. I always think of Christmas when I see snow. I was blessed to spend Christmas in New York last year. It was magical! I was so impressed with the countless decorations and shows throughout Manhattan and the whole of New York!

If you have the opportunity, you should definitely visit NY during Christmas! Below are some of the highlights for me during Christmas in NY:  

1. Christmas lights display – Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Christmas Lights | Dyker Heights | Brooklyn | New York

This Christmas displays are amazing! I salute this neighbourhood for the efforts they put into the decorations! Some houses cost around 10k to decorate! Manhattan is great and all for Christmas but the gem is hidden here. Dyker Heights is easily accessible by Subway from Manhattan. For directions, you can refer to this site.

2. Christmas lights show – Saks Fifth Avenue

I love strolling along the 5th Avenue. It is filled with decorations, lights and shows – there is always something different in every corner!

3. Winter Village – Bryant Park

Christmas Tree in Bryant Park

The ice skating rink in Rockefeller centre is always super crowded! An alternative is the ice skating rink in Bryant Park. This Winter Village is filled with other activities too – food and shops. It is less crowded and family friendly too.

4. Famous Christmas tree – Rockefeller Centre


I guess this is on everyone’s list…

5. Christmas lights display – Brookfield place 

There are many indoor displays such as these two. Shopping malls are a great hideout when the weather turns cold or rainy. While waiting for the rain to pass, you can enjoy these decorations.

6. Christmas lights display – Time Warner centre


What are you waiting for?! Go to NY and experience the festivities with your friends and family! I know it is still early but have a great Christmas celebration with your loved ones 🙂

Photos info:
Camera: Nikon D800 or iphone7plus.
Lens for Nikon: Tamron 24-70 mm F/2.8.
Post-processing: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

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