Downtown Mexico City

It may be the world’s largest and most complex city, with its underground pyramids, hidden passageways between colonial buildings, and small nineteenth-century windows at ground level. 

Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan Cathedral Downtown Mexico City

Metropolitan Cathedral Downtown Mexico City

The Metropolitan Cathedral floats on pilings that keep it from sinking into the lake that sleeps under the solid surface. The first stone was laid in 1571, in what would be the first of ongoing works until 1813. These centuries bestowed their Baroque, Gothic, plateresque, estipite, and Neoclassical façade and interiors.

Zócalo Downtown Mexico City

The tallest cathedral in the Americas proudly stands in front of a starkly vast concrete slab: the Zócalo. That is the name of Plaza de la Constitución, whose current configuration replaced one of gardens and wide swaying bronze chains guarding them. The transformation began in 1915 and ended in 1958. This square is the third largest in the world and the largest in the Americas.

Centro Historico

From there, visitors can wander through the buildings that witnessed the viceroys of history. It is also near the Palacio Nacional, seat of the executive power and home or office of all of Mexico’s ruling elite. There are castles and palaces throughout Historical Downtown, along with homes and churches worth a visit. This space, of course, was designated a Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1987.

Artwork By Dali – Centro Historico

Palacio De Bellas Artes

Palacio De Bellas Artes Downtown Mexico City

In the peripheries is Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Palace), an art deco and art nouveau fantasy with stylized marble. The beauty of its exterior continues within: the walls of this structure are covered with paintings by the most prominent Mexican muralists at the peak of their careers.

Reforma Avenue

Reforma Avenue Downtown Mexico City

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