A few weeks ago, I had a mini holiday in Gold Coast with 11 other friends from Sydney. It was such a blessing to spend time together and definitely a good escape from
busi-ness in life. Here are some photos I took and would like to share with you all 🙂
Gold Coast is like the Vegas of Australia (not in terms of casinos) but it is like heaven of every Australians. The weather is so lovely, unlike Melbourne. It is amazingly sunny everyday when we were there. Thank God for such beautiful weather while we were there! It is the paradise for every surfers. Gold Coast has many theme parks as well and is the paradise for kids, families, teenagers or even adults like us :p. It has dream world, movie world, sea world, wet n wild and etc. Lots of games and suprising shows in movie world. I had such an amazing time there, happiness :D! The highlight for me was the Twilight climb to the top of Q1 (the apartment we stayed in). I was standing 270 metres above ground level!! It was surreal! but such a great experience. The views on the top was breathtakingly beautiful. Loves the sunset and the colours it made.
For the photos:
1) Day view from the apartment we stayed in – Q1 apartment. 2) Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast 3) Surfers Paradise beach 4) Night view from Q1 5-7) Rides in Dream world 8) Kangaroo – Australia’s treasure 9-11) Movie world 12) On the bridge – on the way to church 13) Bumbles’ cafe at Budds beach – Gold Coast 14) Sunshine in Gold Coast everyday – from Q1.

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