Florence was the first city I visited during my stay in Italy. As mentioned in my previous post, I was visiting University of Parma, Italy, for some collaborative research for 5 weeks. To read more on Parma, Click Here.

I was in Florence for a total of 4 days – with the last day being in Pisa though. I stayed at a hotel called Firenze number nine. It was more expensive than other hotels but the location is really good! It is only 5 minutes walking from the train station and right next to Santa Maria dei Fiore Cathedral (one of the tourist attractions). You can even request for a room that faces the Cathedral! Consider staying there if you do not mind splurging abit – you will definitely enjoy the room, facilities and the location. For more information on Firenze number nine, Click Here.

Florence is indeed breathtakingly beautiful! Of all the cities I visited, I loved Florence most. It is very elegant and when I saw Santa Maria dei Fiore Cathedral (II Duomo di Firenze), my heart skipped a beat. Here are some photos selected from the hundreds I took! All are taken using Nikon D7000 with a Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6.

At Piazza della Repubblica - Carousel or Merry Go 'Round
At Piazza della Repubblica – Carousel or Merry Go ‘Round
Ponte Santa Trinita
Ponte Santa Trinita

Apologies for a rather short post. I have been having many issues with my Mac last few days. It is running so slow and does not detect any USBs or memory cards! I was really annoyed. I think it is time for a new one! I wanted to post this before the Easter. I am heading to Sydney tomorrow for a long weekend there! Very excited! There will be many photos from Sydney – so stay tuned! Happy Easter for those who celebrates.

Images Copyright Suryani Tan.

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