Puebla, Mexico

Founded in 1531, Puebla was a province almost exclusive for Spaniards. During the Colony, it was the second most important city due to its strategic location. Soon, it developed its well-known architecture and cultural wealth. It is worth noting that its beauty is not only colonial, but also natural, because it is surrounded by four imposing volcanoes, namely Popocatépetl, Iztaccíhuatl, La Malinche and Pico de Orizaba. 

Puebla is around 4 hours drive from Mexico City. Going to Puebla and nearby towns are the highlight of my whole Mexico trip. I think this is the best way to experience true Mexican life – going to small towns outside of Mexico City. Interacting with the locals, eating the locals’ delicacies and experiencing true Mexican culture are priceless and definitely the cream of the crop! These people are so humble, friendly and very generous too!

I highly recommend doing a private tour with Netouring if you are visiting Puebla. The tour guide, Bernie, tailored the tour to my interests and I had a wonderful experience in. Puebla!


We were about to enter Huejotzingo in the above video. You will get to see the famous Popocatépetl too!!! in the distance 😛

San Andrés Cholula

Puebla City

Mirador La Mantarraya Overlooking Puebla City Puebla Mexico
Puebla City From Mirador La Mantarraya

Its Historical Downtown is one of the most beautiful in the country, with its wide, cobbled streets and colonial mansions. It has over two thousand religious and civic monuments; therefore, a considerable stay is recommended in order to enjoy and get to know this city in depth. Some options that elegantly fuse colonial and comfort are hotels like La Purificadora and Hotel Boutique Puebla de Antaño.

To visit Puebla, you must be on foot to admire its architecture splendour, and also have a big stomach to taste all the delicacies that only this city offers. Its gastronomy is one of the richest and most well-known in the country. Its origins go back to the mix of indigenous cultures and Spanish conquistadores; as well as that of the different cultures that little by little arrived to the city.

Catedral de Puebla – The Gems of the Colony

Catedral de Puebla Mexico

Catedral de Puebla Mexico

The Cathedral is the most representative monument of Puebla. Dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, it is one of the biggest and most impressive in Mexico. Its construction began in 1536 and concluded in 1649. It has two towers, 229 feet high, which are the highest in Latin America. Its style is Herrerian, with Renaissance façades and Baroque interiors. It consists of five naves, fourteen side chapels and a main altar, known as the Altar of the Kings.

Temple and Former Convent of Santo Domingo

This convent, founded in 1571 and finished in 1659, was dedicated to Saint Michael. When you enter, find a good place to sit and admire every majestic detail. The work and gold carvings on this church are impeccable…photos do not do justice to the immense beauty it portrays. It is a dazzling display of new Hispanic Baroque art from the seventeenth century and it was the first temple dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary – the sanctuary, in the centre, holds an image of her surrounded by marble columns. It is covered in stucco and gold foil.

Mirador La Mantarraya

Just a short drive from Puebla City, you will arrive at Mirador La Mantarraya with incredible lookout of the whole City of Puebla! It has a very nice and clean park too. Definitely stop by here if you are in Puebla.

Train Sun Mexico City Mexico
Slow traffic can be a blessing sometime…I got to witness this beautiful sunset! 😍

The day ended with this really nice sunset – it looked like the train was chasing after the sun!

Puebla reminds me so much of Indonesia actually! Made me feel I should travel in my home country more and showcase it to the world!

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Next I’ll be showing you Xochimilco and Coyoacán neighbourhood! Stay tuned!

must-see sights in Puebla
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