Current Status

Currently Reading:

Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown.

Favourite Podcasts:
  • Australia News: Full Story, 7am, Australia Politics Live.
  • World News: The Economist Radio, Today in Focus, FT News Briefing.
  • Climate Change/Environmental Issues: Drilled, How to Save a Planet, Generation Green New Deal, TILclimate.
  • Worldly Issues: Worldly, Go For Broke, Ear to Asia, Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes.
  • Inspirations/Ideas: Unlocking Us with Brené Brown, HBR IdeaCast, A Bit of Optimism, After Hours.
  • Others: One Foot In, The New Yorker Radio Hour.

I am very passionate and concerned about the ongoing and increasing issues on environmental, sustainability and climate change. I supported and am part of many conservation organisations and hoping to get more involved in-person when it is safe to do so.

I am a member of Bob Brown Foundation and The Wilderness Society since 2020. I am extremely proud of all the hard work both of these organisations have been doing to fight for the environment and protect our nature and planet.

I am also a proud supporters of WWF Australia since 2019 and have adopted a koala, sea turtle and tree. Their determination and relentless hard work to protect our nature and fight for the endangered animal species really impress me.

Join me in support of these organisations by donating! Thank you very much for your generosity!