Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Located in the North Island of New Zealand, Tongariro Alpine Crossing is dubbed the greatest one day hike/walk in the world! And it is truly so! This spectacular alpine crossing involves so many different terrains, it takes in volcanoes, crater lakes, alpine desert, forest, waterfalls, and hot springs all in a day’s walk! Read more

Lima, Peru

Francisco Pizarro founded the capital of the vice-royalty of Peru at a strategic location composed of a broad, fertile valley nourished by the clear waters of the Rímac River, with good anchorage on the Pacific coast at the port of Callao, where ships from Panama could arrive. Pizarro founded the City of Kings on January 18th 1535 in the Rímac Valley, and over time it became better known by its indigenous name, Limac, as it grew to become the political, economic and cultural centre of the viceroyalty of Peru and most of Spanish America.  Read more