Strawberry cake

I made this cake a while back for a lovely friend’s birthday. I finally had the time to put the recipe up, YAY! The recipe for this amazing cake is taken from the Primrose Bakery Cookbook.

My friend, Kris, invited me for a dinner with her family to celebrate her birthday. So I made this cake, kind of like a present to her. There were about 13-14 of us. It was really scary to make something, food wise, for a family because it has to be really really good. I was so glad that everyone loved it.

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Grilled coconut chicken with lemon basil (Ayam panggang)

Cravings for dishes cooked with coconut milk? Those smooth, creamy, coconut-y taste on your buds? Oh YUM YUM! I love dishes cooked with coconut milk! especially grilled! They are just so special! Creamy and sticky….salivating. Many said coconut milk is fatty and unhealthy. But you know what, I recon, it won’t kill once in a while :p
And when it’s cooked with turmeric (speaking from an expert point of view :p), I recon the health benefits from turmeric would outweigh the negative health effects of coconut milk.

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