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This post is on stage 2 of the Cycle Tasmania tour, a continuation of stage 1. Stage 2 would include riding from Hobart to Launceston via the West Coast.


Day 12 – Hobart to Curringa Farm

Beautiful sunny (hot) day for a ride! Moderate headwinds on some parts. The sun was getting very hot on my legs at around noon 🥵

The ride between New Norfolk and Bushy Park was absolutely gorgeous! Stunning views and very quiet roads – I could ride these areas all day every day! 😍

We stayed at the Curringa Farm, a rather unique experience. I share the cottage with 4 other people. My experience was not pleasant though because there were too many bugs in the room. I could not get much sleep and was feeling restless the next morning. I was glad the rest of the group have better experiences because they were on different cottages.

Sunrise at Curringa Farm

Day 13 – Curringa Farm to Lake St Clair

It was the longest day we had thus far. Glutes, hamstrings, quads and bums are getting very sore now. Plus right rib is still very stiff and certain movements are painful.

Another beautiful sunny day but the last 40km was quite brutal. Bloody wind attacking from all sides! The last 15km felt endless! It was a very challenging day indeed!

Bronte Lagoon

We stayed at Lake St. Clair Lodge overnight and dinner at its restaurant. The food (dinner) was average but the lodges are beautiful, very comfortable and spacious, located right next to the lake. Enjoyed my stay there.

Day 14 – Lake St Clair to Queenstown

Blessed with a very beautiful day! So thankful for the sunny day and needless to say windy again for the last 40km. But it could be worse, it was not raining, which allowed us to enjoy the magnificent mountainous views throughout the ride.

This ride has got the best views so far! Wide expanse surrounded by mountains. It’s absolutely beautiful 😍

Sunrise at Lake St Clair

Day 15 – Queenstown to Strahan

A little bit cloudy but as long as it’s not raining, it’s great weather! A rolling hills kind of day. So glad it was a short ride! My legs couldn’t do more than that. It was extremely sore when climbing throughout the ride…legs were screaming “STOP pedaling!”. Fatigue has definitely set in…I was struggling to get through the ride. Every parts of the body are super sore!

Very glad it’s a rest day tomorrow – it was very much needed! So looking forward to sleeping in! We stayed at the Strahan Village for two nights.

Day 16 – Strahan Rest Day

A cloudy and rainy day just right for a relaxing day to rest the legs. Took an easy stroll to Hogarth Falls in People’s Park.

Five more days of riding back to Launceston. Legs please bear with me till the end, thank you very much!

When you’re trying to avoid the rain but it just loves you too much! Check and double check to avoid the rainbands but still got caught in that 2 mins downpour window. Rain started pouring as soon as I made my way down to get some food! And it stopped as soon as I arrived at the bakery. This is nature playing pranks! 😅

Day 17 – Strahan to Tullah

WET & FREAKING COLD BUT SWEATY INSIDE because of the rain jacket 😓 So cold my lips were numb and couldn’t talk! I was exhausted at the end of the day.

Ready to fight the rain!

Thanks to the road work, our bikes and ourselves look like we have just went through rough mountain biking. Already very tired and still have to clean the bike 😔

We stayed at the Tullah Lakeside Lodge tonight and had dinner at its restaurant. It was an extremely busy night and had to wait the longest for our food. We were ready to eat our own limbs (just kidding 😝), started bidding for the food as the waitresses passed by to deliver food to our or other tables.

Day 18 – Tullah to Cradle Mountain

HEADACHE, FULL BLADDER, SORE BUM but very thankful for the beautiful sunny day!

Woke up with a headache 😓 Glad I pulled it through the day! Not a bad effort with a headache, I guess.

It was a gorgeous sunny day! No wind for the first time! Hopefully the headache would fully heal by tomorrow. Tomorrow’s weather looked very ominous, rain and very windy, not sure if it’s rideable weather.

Day 19 – Cradle Mountain to Devonport – MISSION ABORTED – heavy rain and strong gusty winds

Decided not to ride today after experiencing the strong gusty winds while riding to breakfast.

A few of us opted not to ride today. Thankfully we have an accompanying partner that has been doing sightseeing while her husband was riding and we tagged along in her car for some sightseeing and most importantly to avoid the heavy rain and strong wind!

Quality Hotel Gateway

Day 20 – Devonport to Deloraine

Very thankful for the beautiful sunny day especially after the very gloomy (heavy rain and strong gusty winds) kind of day yesterday.after the very gloomy kind of day yesterday.

The ride before morning tea was probably the smoothest ride I’ve had so far! No traffic, perfect weather, it was so enjoyable! It was a very lovely ride with a few steep hills after morning tea but one of the easier rides throughout this tour 😁🙏🏼

Majority of us are in our last legs and very much ready for the home run tomorrow! 💪🏼💪🏼

Mountain View Country Inn

Day 21 – Deloraine to Launceston

Another beautiful sunny day. The wind was back though but it was moderate compared to other days!

It was our last leg heading back to Launceston, where we started three weeks ago. I went a little slower today treasuring and absorbing every single kms as much as I could 🙏🏼😁🚴‍♀️

Very grateful for the whole experience! It was definitely very challenging but loved every single moments of it including the bad weather and pains and aches!

Very satisfying and delicious dinner at Novaro’s Italian Restaurant

What we did for stage 2! 9 days of riding from Hobart back to Launceston through the West Coast 🚴‍♀️💪🏼😁🙏🏼
~631km, 7820 elevation gain (my stats didn’t include the very bad weather day which I opted not to ride)

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