“As soon as I take out my camera I find that stillness within, that deep sense of peace that I crave every day. I get lost in such a beautiful way that it’s hard to describe; it’s as though I find a piece of me that I had lost without really knowing that I lost it. As I sit quietly looking through the viewfinder, my senses become heightened. The smell of the earth makes me feel grounded; the sound of waves crashing or grass rustling in the wind or the bleating of a lone sheep in the distance makes me feel so alive; and the vastness of what I see makes me feel expansive. This is what it is like to be in the Now, which is really just to be still in mind and body. My photographs come from a place of emotion. They are not an attempt to capture the perfect image, but to capture the feeling I experience as I witness the things in front of me.” – Eydís S. Luna Einarsdóttir.

I thoroughly echoed these beautiful words from the Icelandic/Canadian photographer, Eydís S. Luna Einarsdóttir. Photos that could make me smile or cry, happy or sad, photos that could make my heart ache or soothe my weary soul, photos that could convey a melancholy feeling or celebrates excitement are what I really chase for in an image. I have mentioned many times that I love to photograph the mountain because it could project an awe-inspiring, jaw dropping with a slight melancholy effect that makes my heart ache a little bit. I love and crave to be among it. This is a collection of photos that could convey a wide array of emotions. This page will constantly be updated as I continue with my adventures and travels.

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